Below is a list of our services:

Periodontal Treatment

* Treatment for gum disease
* Preventive Cleaning

Preventative Cleaning

* Scaling and Root Planning
* Minor gum surgery
* Deep Cleaning
* Crown Lengthening

Treatment for Cavities

* Preventive Sealants
* Fillings: Composite Bonding (Tooth Color)
* Amalgam
* Inlays : Gold
* Porcelain

Treatment for extensively decayed and fractured teeth treatment

* Onlay: Gold or Porcelain
* Crown: Gold or Porcelain

Treatment of teeth with nerve infection

* Root Canal
* Pulpotomy
* Emergency Treatment

Treatment of Non-restorable teeth

* Extractions: Simple and surgical extractions including some wisdom teeth

Treatment or replacement of missing teeth

* Removable Partial Denture (to replace few missing teeth)
* Fixed Partial Denture (to replace few missing teeth)
* Full Denture (to replace full arch of missing teeth)

Cosmetic Services

* Zoom: Bleaching or Teeth Whitening
* Veneers
* Bonding

Dental Implants

* Dental Implants

Orthodontic Treatment

* Invisalign